The ballerina skirt: from Carla Fracci to Carrie Bradshaw, between stage, web and reality

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Made iconic by Carrie Bradshaw who wore it in the opening theme of the six seasons of Sex and The City and, since then, it has become wannahave even for over 10 years old, the tulle skirt with a romantic mood this Autumn / Winter has in fact returned to populate the wardrobes of fashion victims.

The tutu skirt in a scene from the theme song of Sex and The City

Today, after many years, the famous tutu is so sought after that Patricia Field, the famous costume designer of the series, decided to donate it to Housing Works, non-profit organization based in New York, to be auctioned at the annual fundraising event Fashion for Action whose proceeds proceeds go to the activities of the organization, which is committed to fighting AIDS and helping the homeless. And to think that legend has it that the iconic flounced skirt, one of the most loved garments by the New York journalist, only cost 5 dollars. In short, a handful of small change to open the doors of fashion to a key piece of the style previously exclusively the prerogative of dancers ed star.

Head that, moreover, we will return to admire where he was born, that is the stage, in fiction Carla on the life of the unforgettable Carla Fracci, who passed away last May and defined by New York Times absolute prima ballerina. Played by Alessandra Mastronardi, this great artist was the one who, over time, made many girls and girls fall in love with the tutu and dance.

Carla Fracci in 1993. Photo Getty

Leonardo Cendamo

Mark, then, the appointments to review the various models of tutu of the biopic, which premiered on 27 October at the Teatro de La Scala in Milan (where Mastronardi made an appearance in a creation by Dior): on 8, 9 and 10 November at the cinema and in December in prime time on Rai1.

Alessandra Mastronardi in a scene from the fiction Carla. Photo: Courtesy press office

Before Carrie, to tell the truth, to bring the graceful tutu out of the dance school was however Madonna in the 80s. How can we forget, among others, her look in Who’s that girl, a 1987 film, in which she combines a pure white model with polka dot leggings, a vinyl top and a monkey-shaped mini bag?

Madonna in Who’s that girl. Photo: a scene from the film

Even the stars, over time, have shown off varie version of the tutù. From the extremely philological one of Lara Flynn Boyle who literally wore one at the Golden Globes in 2003 bet from classical dancer to Maggie Gyllenhaal who walked the red carpet of the last Cannes Film Festival in a total Chanel Haute Couture look including a long skirt in black tulle.

Lara Flynn Boyle at the 2003 Golden Globes. Getty photo

Jeffrey Mayer

Maggie Gyllenhaal at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival. Getty photo

Dominique charriau

The ethereal tulle skirt has shown its souls over the years: Serena Williams revealed the nuance sportswear wearing it with Nike T-shirt on tennis courts.

Serena Williams in 2018. Getty photo

Noam Galai

Harry Styles demonstrated its genderless DNA by appearing in 2019 on Instagram in a pink look by étoile on the occasion of its hosted at the famous Saturday Night Live.

And, of course, we are looking forward to And Just Like That… in which Sarah Jessica Parker will show off other variants of tutu that, both in short and XXL version, will be once again an emblematic piece in Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe.

While filming of the sequel in the Big Apple, we are also witnessing, in fact, a great excitement around this garment. In the last three months, a 29% increase in searches for tulle skirts, compared to the same period last year: the site itself offers many interpretations. The increase is even more pronounced on the platform Stylight with 80% more clicks for the category between 1 and 19 September compared to the same period in 2020.

An online interest that underlines even more a trend that the Fall / Winter 2021 catwalks have already decreed: the combination of elegance and casual. In fact, from Simone Rocha to Molly Goddard, passing through Louis Vuitton, Dior and Bora Aksu, it is clear that there is maximum freedom in wearing tulle skirts, a multitasking and versatile garment, combining it from time to time with a crop top and a sweater. oversized, with a leather jacket or shirt. To be completed, then, with the classic dancers, as he does Alexa Chung, high heels but also sneakers.

Alexa Chung. Photo Ipa


And so iMiss Bradshaw’s signature look (the outfit of the latest episode of the series is also unforgettable with a mint green tulle skirt that the actress has defined her absolute favorite look among those of Carrie) could not have chosen a better time to make her comeback in style in And Just Like That…

Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and The City. Foto Getty

Among other things already announced by a post on Sarah Jessica Parker’s Instagram profile which in the following days generated + 110% of searches, as he assessed Desire, a global online shopping platform.

As you shoot from the set they see her with the long white model spotted via social media combined with a multicolor striped sweater and the iconic ones ankle boots vintage by Chanel and Baguette in sequins by Fendi.

Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of And Just like That… Ipa’s photo

BauerGriffin / IPA

In the gallery, the shopping proposals of tutus of various lengths and fashion show inspo to add immediately to the cart. In the wardrobe there is a need more than ever for lightness.

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