The blood that dyed everything red, the bridge that became… a grave and the mirages that create illusions

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Photographers are where they need to be to “catch” in the most recognizable way the most important events that happened in the previous week around the world. The most representative images of the last days have some basic ingredients: Colors, passion, tears, effort, survival, joy, and pain. The difficulties and challenges we face are many, but all of the above are all the things that make our lives have some meaning.

The fact that a picture is worth a thousand words is proven. Not much needs to be said about the photos below. They are concentrated in them what happened in the world last week.

Rome, Italy: Blood has dyed everything red

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Ian Roders fastens the hands of a clock at the Electric Time Company in Medfield, Massachusetts. Daylight saving time ends at 2 AM. local time on Sunday, November 6, 2022, when the clocks go back one hour.

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Source: News Beast

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