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The Crown, the sixth season (with Diana’s death) and the risk of controversy

«In the end it will be the public who will judgebut we believe we have recreated the death of Lady Diana with delicacy and sensitivity». Last August, in a panel organized byEdinburgh TV Festival, Andy Harries and Suzanne Mackie – executive producers of The Crown – have shed light on the last season of the famous series Netflixwhich tells the facts in house of Windsor occurred from 1997 to 2005, therefore including the tragic passing of the princess.

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«Le show can be considered big and loud, but we are not. We are people thoughtful and attentive», they added in unison. «There were long and meticulous ones conversations on how to stage that episode. Elizabeth Debicki she is an amazing actress: she loved Diana and was extremely thoughtful. On our part there is enormous respectI hope it’s obvious”, concluded Mackie, trying to nip any kind of in the bud controversy.

Yet, there are those who hypothesize that there is a bit of controversy circulating in the Palace worry. First of all because the first ones four episodes, where the incident is told below Alma bridgewill be put online on November 16two days after the long-awaited 75th birthday of King Charlesan appointment to which the court staff he’s been working for months. Spotlight on royal family both in the real world and in fiction, therefore: a entanglement which could be annoying for those directly involved.

Yes, because now he is at Carlo’s side Camillaand bring that back to the screen tragedy – albeit in the form of fiction, in fact – could reignite old discontents compared to the current one queen consort. Among other things, already last year, a few weeks after the release of the fifth season Of The Crownmessages had arrived from worry signed by celebrities like Judi Dench: “It’s cruel, it blurs the lines between historical accuracy and vulgar sensationalism.”

Essentially, the British star would like that at the start of every episode was clarified which is still one fictionalized version of events. Although – this must be acknowledged – Netflix has always presented the series as fiction, one would not rush the risk that spectators think they are faced with a reconstruction “totally true”.

Source: Vanity Fair

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