The Dutch court rejected the appeal of Tornado Cash developer Alexey Pertsev

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The developer of the cryptocurrency mixer Tornado Cash, Alexey Pertsev, will remain in prison until at least November 22 – the Dutch court rejected his appeal.

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As the wife of the developer Ksenia Malik said, the judge did not take into account the arguments given in the appeal. Earlier, the US Treasury Department said that Pertsev “deliberately did not introduce effective controls designed to prevent money laundering by malefactors.”

“This is absolutely unfair. There is complete lawlessness going on here. They think that he can return to Russia, but he is not going to do this, because there is a mobilization going on there,” Malik said.

Law enforcement agencies of the Netherlands confiscated Pertsev’s car and are going to sell it at auction. It is quite possible that other property of the Tornado Cash developer will be arrested. At the same time, Pertsev has not been formally charged.

“At the moment they have taken away only the car. But I think they can come at any moment and take something else. I don’t feel safe. They can sell all our property under the hammer, and I will be left with nothing,” the developer’s wife worries.

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Recall that Pertsev was arrested in August this year. In Amsterdam, there was even a rally in support of the Tornado Cash developer.

Source: Bits

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