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The first real clinic will open in the metaverse

The first real clinic will open in the metaverse

Thumbay Group will deploy the first virtual clinic in the Middle East in one of the metaverses in the UAE.

In the next few months, the company is launching a virtual analogue of its real clinic. We are talking about a full-fledged medical institution with the services of doctors in the format of consultations.

“We are already working on this and expect the polyclinic to be open by October. It will be a full-fledged virtual hospital where people will come (in the form of avatars) and get a full-fledged medical consultation,” explained Dr. Thumbay Moideen, founder and president of the Thumbay Group.

It is planned to integrate elements of artificial intelligence into the virtual clinic system, thanks to which the cameras will identify the patient’s face when he comes to see a doctor. Further, when the patient goes to the local pharmacy, the cameras will recognize him, and the system will indicate to the pharmacist that the patient has come for the medicine. Thus, at all stages of service, the process of presenting an identity card or an insurance card will be excluded.

As for medical fees, Dr. Tumbey said that the decision has not yet been made, but that it will most likely be in line with the usual fee for teleconsultations.

In March, the American pharmaceutical company CVS Health announced plans to use blockchain, NFT and elements of the metaverse for sales in virtual pharmacies.

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