The Hubble telescope captures the spectacular encounter between two galaxies; it’s gorgeous!

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In the immensity of the universe, amazing events take place at all times that are impossible for human beings to imagine, because even with the technology we have developed, it is only enough for us to appreciate a tiny part of what the fascinating space can offer us.

For this reason, the spectacular image of the Hubble Telescope that NASA has just presented to us is impressive; in it you can see the lavish meeting of two galaxies that, being so close, gives us the impression that they were colliding.

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meeting of two galaxies

Seeing the image of the two superimposed spiral galaxies, users of social networks rushed to ensure that the galaxies were colliding, something that made this erroneous news go viral; That is why the National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA hastened to clarify that it was not a crash.

It’s all about perspective! In this #HubbleFriday image, these two galaxies appear to collide; but they are not actually interacting and could be like ships passing in the night.

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The galaxies that appear in the image were called SDSS J115331 and LEDA 2073461. NASA explained that both are more than a billion light years away from Earth; furthermore, their alignment is likely just a fluke that happened in the middle of space.

This image is one of many Hubble observations that delve into the highlights of the Galaxy Zoo project. Originally established in 2007, Galaxy Zoo and its successors are massive citizen science projects that derive galaxy classifications from a pool of hundreds of thousands of volunteers.

hubble telescope

The Hubble telescope has given us impressive images that leave us thinking about how small we are compared to the infinity of the universe; but without a doubt, it is extraordinary to be able to enjoy these wonders, since for our ancestors it was something unthinkable.

Source: Okchicas

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