The moment a Fiorentina fan harasses a journalist on an online TV

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Panic brought on Italy the harassment of a journalist by a Fiorentina fan during a live broadcast. The incident was condemned by her colleagues, ordinary citizens and people from the field of politics, showing their strong reaction.

The incident occurred after the match Empoli-Fiorentina and its victim harassment was journalist Greta Becalia, who works for a local television station in Tuscany.

Her fan touched her backside while she was connected and talking to the presenter of the show. “You can not do that,” shouted the young journalist, but the presenter tried not to give weight to the incident, telling her, “do not get angry.”

The identity of the action was verified

Thanks to the security cameras, but also to the recordings of the specific channel, as broadcast by the Athenian News Agency, the identity of the perpetrator and the journalist announced that he would file a lawsuit.

Thousands of internet users expressed their solidarity with the sports editor and staged the unacceptable event. At the same time, the Speaker of the Italian Parliament, Roberto Fico, and the Speaker of the Senate, Elizabeta Caselati, wanted to make their support clear.

Italian commentators, finally, emphasize that it is unacceptable for all this to continue to happen even a few days after the international day dedicated to the fight against violence against women. That is, as if there is a portion of society that is completely indifferent to any message of awareness and promotion of a rudimentary, civilized behavior.

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