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The Spanish government is spending 2.2 billion euros in the fight against the drought

A total of 2.19 billion euros is “thrown” into the fight against the drought Spanish government to help mitigate the impact of the country’s prolonged and worsening drought, the environment minister said today Teresa Ribera.

Only her ministry will spend 1.4 billion euros to build new infrastructure such as desalination plants, double the reuse of urban water and reduce fees and duties for affected farmers.

The Ministry Georgia will provide 784 million euros in order to support agricultural production in the country which is a key exporter to Europe of fruit and vegetables and to ease the burdens of farmers from drought and rising costs.

The package of measures includes a ban on outdoor work during extreme heat conditions, as the country tries to adapt to the effects of climate change, as reported by the Athens-Macedonian News Agency.

THE Spain suffers from prolonged droughtwith the driest start to the year since records began being recorded in the first three months of 2023.

Source: News Beast

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