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The US is stepping up pressure to silence the guns in the Gaza Strip

The US administration stepped up pressure today for a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip, where shelling continues, calling for a UN Security Council vote on a US draft resolution calling on Israel and Hamas to implement “without delay” the cease-fire proposal presented on May 31 by US President Joe Biden and by sending Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to the region. According to diplomatic sources, Washington has asked for the vote to be held today, but this has not been confirmed by South Korea, which holds the SA presidency this month. The third version of the text, which was distributed yesterday Sunday to the member states and came to the knowledge of the French Agency, “welcomes” the proposal and mentions – contrary to the two previous versions – that it has been “accepted” by Israel. It states that the first phase provides for an “immediate and complete” ceasefire, withdrawal of Israeli troops from “densely populated areas” […]
Source: News Beast

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