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There is no end to the allegations of sexual assault against the actor Russell Brand

London police announced today that they have received a complaint against the former presenter and actor Russell Brand for sexual assault which was allegedly committed 20 years ago and comes to be added to revelations made by four other women over the weekend.

Referring to the case revealed by the Sunday Times newspaper and Channel 4, the London police announced that theon Sunday was informed of a sexual assault allegedly committed by Brad in 2003 in Soho. Officers “are in contact with the woman” who made the complaint, a Scotland Yard spokesman said. “We continue to encourage anyone who believes they have been sexually assaulted, no matter how long ago it happened, to contact us“, he added.

In the joint investigation by The Sunday Times, The Times and Channel 4, four women accused the actor of rape or sexual assault between 2006-13. At the time Brad was at the height of his career as a presenter on BBC radio and Channel 4 and as an actor in Hollywood. The 48-year-oldwhich today is mainly active in social networking sites, he denied the accusations assuring that all his relationships were “consensual” and alleged a “coordinated attack” against him.

His television and film career, first in Britain and then in the US, was marked by his addiction to alcohol and heroin, his brief marriage to singer Katy Perry and his tendency to flaunt his achievements. He has recently ramped up his anti-vaccine, anti-major media conspiracy posts on his YouTube channel (6M subscribers) and X platform account (11M followers).

The case reached Downing Street, with the Prime Minister’s spokesman Rishi Sunak speaking of “very serious and disturbing allegations”.

Russell Brand’s media outlets announced on Sunday that they will conduct an internal investigation into the allegations made against him.

Source: News Beast

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