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They create a self-sustaining community in the Utah desert and prepare for the collapse of the U.S.

Down winding dirt roads, far from any other residential area, appears Riverbed Ranch, a growing, literally off-the-grid community in the western Utah desert. This is not a typical community, rural or urban. It is a “cooperative” of 135 “shareholders” with one and only goal: A life away from modern technological everyday life and mass production. “Real wealth is how long you can survive without money,” Fisher, one of the community's earliest members, told Business Insider. In the summer of 2019, Fisher and 15 other households purchased the 1,245-acre property, beginning the long process of realizing their dream of a self-sustaining community. During the years of the pandemic, “I had neighbors who lost their homes due to unemployment. I thought: “it's really stupid that we continue on the same road reproducing the same problems. Why don't we solve them?'', Fischer emphasized. Today about 40 families live there. A growing number of Americans seem to be increasingly interested in education […]
Source: News Beast

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