This is how a nanny defended the girl she cares for when her friend made fun of her for her body

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Adolescence is a stage in which the human body undergoes physical, emotional and social changes that are somewhat complicated to assimilate and process, especially in the case of girls, who, in terms of the development of their anatomy, are not always they feel comfortable.

Whether due to comments about their physique or because they do not meet the beauty standards that have been sold to us for years through advertising, many adolescents feel ashamed and dissatisfied with their appearance.

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screenshot of a babysitter who composed a song to lift up a girl's spirits

However, more and more girls are joining the theme of sorority and seeking to eradicate the humiliations and bullying When it comes to physical appearance. As in the case of this nanny, who, knowing that some girls made fun of the appearance of the girl she takes care of, she composed a song to lift her spirits.

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Is about Jaxan admirable young woman who, after Chelsea, a girl she cares for, told her that a group of girls made fun of her body by telling her that she looked “fat and flat” in a bikini, took on the task of composing a song to combat your insecurities and lift your spirits.

screenshot showing a teenage girl with her babysitter

After the bad experience that Chelsea lived, the nanny went to pick her up at the mall, where she went to buy her bikini for what would be her first pool party with boys, and seeing her upset, Jax wanted to surprise her and sing the song .

“She’s going to her first pool party with guys and her friends went bikini shopping at Victoria’s Secret. On the way back, Chelsea got into the car crying with rage.

– Jax

babysitter composes a song for a girl who was made fun of for her body in a bikini

But the girl did not want the moment to go unnoticed, so she placed her cell phone in the front of the car and captured the moment. The recording begins as Jax arrives at the scene and at the sound of the horn, Chelsea gets in the car and immediately hands him a bag of chips.

Starting by giving the context of the situation, Jax proceeds to interpret the song that she assures that she would have loved someone to sing it to her, since in her adolescence she had many problems with food.

I know the secret of Victoria’s Secret. And, girl, you won’t believe it. He’s an old man who lives in Ohio who makes money off girls like me. Exploiting our complexes, selling skin and bones with huge breasts.

– Sang, Jax

Moved by her babysitter’s tender gesture, Chelsea couldn’t stop smiling and blushing at the song that her caretaker lovingly performed for her. Although not only did the girl move, since the video soon went viral on the Internet, where countless users did not hesitate to react and share the theme with which many girls managed to feel identified. More girls like Jax, that’s all we need!

Source: Okchicas

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