This is the story that inspired the character of Cruella de Vil

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The movie of Cruella de Vil in your version live action It left such a good taste in our mouths that we are already obsessing over the character and we want to know everything about him because the story they told us is totally different from the one we knew in 101 Dalmatians.

What very few know is that there is a real life story about how Cruella was born and here we will tell you in great detail what it is about.

Cruella was born thanks to Dodie Smith

Dodie Smith holding his dogs

In 1956, Dodie Smith wrote the children’s novel 101 dalmatians and to make it he was inspired by various real situations and characters. The first was in 1934 when he was at the peak of his career as a theater scriptwriter for London’s West End. Due to his successes and the money he earned from them, Dodie bought an apartment that he decorated in the style high life of the time, that is, everything was a balance between black and white.

Once the place was finished, Dodie said, “Now all I need is a Dalmatian.” A few months later her wish was granted and she had a dog she named Pongo.

However, the idea for Cruella came much later, with the visit of actress Joyce Kennedy, one of her close friends. When Joyce met Pongo and other Dalmatians who came into Dodie’s life, she joked that she would “make a fantastic fur coat” out of the puppies.

Thus was born 101 dalmatians

Cruella de Vil holding her dogs

After several years of posting one hit after another, Dodie’s career began to take a nosedive. His works were no longer so well accepted. Furthermore, she had left her husband Ambrose Heal to marry Alec Macbeth Beesley. She still had her puppies and in 1948, one of her Dalmatians gave birth to fifteen puppies.

In 1956, after buying a children’s book for the son of one of her friends, she finally got a fantastic idea that would make her rank among the favorite authors of the time. She took the names of her dogs, the phrase of her friend and began to write the story of a woman with two-colored hair who was obsessed with coats.

The first seven weeks after the book was published, it became a best seller. With the help of the illustrations of Janet and Anne Graham-Johnson, the image of Cruella De Vil was born, a tall, slim, elegant woman with a unique and haute couture dress that was always accompanied by a fur coat.

Dodie didn’t see his villain triumph

Cruella de Vil played by Glen Close

Unfortunately, Dodie Smith didn’t live long enough to see his villain come to life. The writer died in 1991 and five years later, Glenn Close played Cruella in the first live action from 101 dalmatians and four years later in the sequel.

Now in 2021, Emma Stone has stolen the hearts of fashionistas and villains with her incredible performance, as her villain has a more human, fabulous and brilliant side.

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