To infinity and beyond! The first trailer for ‘Lightyear’, the Pixar film about the origin of Buzz, is out

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The Disney and Pixar universe does not stop growing and now adds to their ranks Lightyear, tape that will take us to know the origin of the most famous astronaut doll in recent times: Buzz Lightyear.

The first trailer of this production is now available and is placed as a trend in networks for showing an original story and because the handsome actor Chris Evans gives voice to the main character.

Unlike what many believe, Lightyear It will not focus on the Buzz Lightyear doll that we have known since 1995. According to the official trailer, the film will take us to meet a test pilot who with effort, dedication and after going through a series of tests outside this planet, become one of the most famous Space Rangers. His trajectory will become so popular that it will end up inspiring the creation of Buzz Lightyear, an action figure that all children will love.

This would be the first spin-off derived from Toy Story and although it has not been confirmed if they will create more of these in the future, fans they already bet that yes Lightyear is a hit at the box office, the production company in charge will give way to more complementary stories with the characters we already know, such as Woody, Jessie, Rex, Mr. Potato Head, among others.

The film was created under the creativity and vision of director Angus Maclane, known for previously participating in projects such as Toy Story de terror, Finding Dory, Up: a high altitude adventure and Wall-E. In addition, the main character will have the voice of renowned actor Chris Evans, who was previously a hero within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

According to the animation studio, the film will hit international theaters on June 17, 2022, so there is still time to save and enjoy the premiere in a big way.

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