Ukraine accuses Russia of destroying civilian ships on the Dnipro River

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The Ukrainian army accused the Russia this Sunday (6th) inlarge scale destruction in vessels civilians anchored on the banks of the river dniproin the occupied region in Kherson, in the south of the country, that the forces in Kiev are trying to capture.

Ukrainian forces have been putting pressure on Russian troops on the west bankinntal of river dniprowhich cuts the Ukrainefueling speculation in that the troops in Moscow are preparing to retreat to the other side.

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The spokesman for the Ukrainian General Staff said in a statement that the fuel for the ships indestroyed leaked into income of river and also accused the forces in Moscow in to appropriate the engines and other equipment of the vessels.

The Ukrainian General Staff did not inu no explanation for the actions in Moscow. Indestroy ships civilians would stop the Ukrainian forces in use them case indecided to cross to the east side in the event in any Russian withdrawal.

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The Ministryriver gives InRussian fesa did not comment in immediate.

THE inclarity serves a pattern in growing tension in the region wherein authorityins in occupation installed in Russia said this Sunday that an act in sabotage had interrupted the supply in energy and water in the cityin in Kherson and in gorivers settlements.

Source: CNN Brasil

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