Ukraine: Kyiv requests warships and submarines from its Western allies

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THE Ukraine today asked her western allies to offer her warships and underwaterafter Germany’s announcement that it will send Leopard 2 heavy tanks to Kyiv.

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We will need warships to protect the coasts, we have a very long coastline. We will need too underwater to prevent the risk of a new attack from the sea in the Black Sea,” said Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister Andriy Melnyk speaking to German television networks RTL and ntv today.

The tanks, the supply of which to Kyiv was finally approved by Berlin today, should be only the first step, Melnik noted.

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“We have a very strong opponent, the Russians are producing weapons at a very fast pace“he emphasized, explaining that the war is far from over.

Earlier today, Melnik pointed out, according to APE-MPE, that the Ukrainian Air Force also needs reinforcement. Germany could, for example, help by providing Tornados Eurofighters, the Ukrainian minister clarified.

Source: News Beast

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