UN: North Korea’s missile tests make a mockery of Security Council, says US ambassador

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The missiles her tests North Korea they “ridicule” it UN Security Councilthe ambassador of the USA at the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

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The diplomat he blamed, without naming them, China and Russia that have ties to Pyongyang, “two members of this Council, that they provided North Korea with protective cover” and that “gave in to justify North Korea’s repeated violations and allow it to make a mockery of the United Nations Security Council”.

North Korea is violating several United Nations resolutions with its recent barrage of missile launches, the US ambassador to the UN said as the United States called for a Security Council meeting today to discuss Pyongyang’s actions.

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In the past few days, Kim Jong Un’s country has launched about 30 missiles, and some of them came close to South Korea and Japan causing strong reactions from the governments of the two states. In fact, the South Koreans spoke of an “invasion” of North Korea and as an “answer” they launched three missiles in an area near the neighboring country.

“We condemn these actions,” Linda Thomas-Greenfield told MSNBC in an interview Thursday. “They violate many resolutions of the UN Security Council,” he concluded.

In November, South Korea and Japan want to hold a summit with the US to discuss their concerns about North Korea and how they will react as the climate in the region is increasingly tense.

Source: News Beast

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