US-Pentagon: Concerned about Turkish airstrikes in Syria

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Its recent airstrikes Turkey in the north Syria threatened the safety of their military personnel USA and the escalation of tension is jeopardizing the progress that has been made in the years-long campaign against the jihadists of the self-proclaimed Islamic State, a Pentagon spokesman said yesterday (11/23).

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Previously, the Senator’s reaction was strong, Robert Menendez, who denounced Turkey’s actions, saying they were unbecoming of a US ally.

US Air Force Brigadier General Patrick Ryder specifically stated:

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The (US) Department of Defense is deeply concerned by the escalation of actions in northern Syria, Iraq and Turkey. This escalation threatens the progress of the international coalition against Islamic State in its multi-year campaign to contain and dismantle ISIS.

Recent airstrikes in Syria have directly threatened the safety of US (military) personnel working in Syria with partners there to defeat ISIS and keep more than 10,000 members of the Islamic State in custody.

In addition, uncoordinated military actions threaten Iraqi sovereignty.

Immediate de-escalation is required to maintain mission commitment to defeating ISIS and to ensure the integrity of personnel in the region committed to that mission (including fighting ISIS).

We condemn the civilian casualties in both Turkey and Syria as a result of these actions, and express our condolences. We are also concerned by reports of the deliberate targeting of civilian infrastructure.

In calling for de-escalation, we recognize Turkey’s legitimate security concerns. We will continue to discuss with Turkey and our partners to maintain the ceasefire agreements».

Source: News Beast

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