USA: Before the disappearance of his wife, he searched the Internet for “10 ways to get rid of a corpse”

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A man on USA who is the main defendant for the murder of his missing wife, it was found that shortly before her disappearance her, she had searched the internet for “10 ways to dispose of a corpse”.

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In more detail, it is about his case 47-year-old Brian Walshwith the investigation beginning after his wife’s employer in Washington, D.C., reported her missing on January 4th.

At the time, Brian Walsh was under house arrest awaiting sentencing in federal court in Boston after pleading guilty in 2021 to selling fake Andy Warhol artwork based on paintings he took from an old friend and never returning.

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The assistant prosecutor Lynn Beland said Brian Walsh initially told investigators his wife left their Cohasset, Mass., home early on Jan. 1 via an airport taxi service to go to Washington for work.

However, investigators found no evidence that the woman had taken such a route, and Beland said authorities discovered that Brian Walsh had Googled searches that day asking “how can you throw body parts” and “10 ways to throw a dead body if it is really necessary.”

Beland reported that the next day, Walsh went to a store to buy cleaning supplies and an ax, and that video and phone surveillance data showed that on Jan. 3 he threw bags of trash into trash cans at different locations.

Some bags had already been collected and incinerated, the prosecutor said. However, she added, 10 bags contained objects stained with bloodas well as a hacksaw, Anna Walsh’s Covid-19 vaccination card and boots she was last seen wearing.

Prosecutors ordered Walsh held without bail, charging him with his wife’s murder. The man was arrested on January 8 for misleading the police investigation into the disappearance of the 39-year-old mother of three.

Source: News Beast

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