USA: The IRS asked the Ministry of Finance to investigate tax audits against two former FBI officials

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IRS Commissioner Charles Retting has asked the Treasury Department’s internal audit agency to investigate how two former FBI officials, who were snubbed by former US President Donald Trump, were selected for extensive tax audits, as the IRS announced yesterday.

The announcement came after The New York Times reported that former FBI Director James Comey, who was fired in 2017 by Trump, was selected for an extremely rare tax audit of his tax returns. 2017, while former FBI director Andrew McCabe was singled out for an audit on his taxes in 2019.

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The two executives have often been at the center of Trump’s criticism of their roles in the FBI’s investigation into allegations of ties between the former US president’s campaign and Russia in 2016. Comey was relieved of his duties in 2017, while McCabe in 2018, while later writing his memoirs, criticizing Trump for his “relentless attacks” on the FBI.

Rettig, who was appointed by Trump in 2018 and retained by President Biden, reported the matter to the Treasury Department’s internal audit inspector general for tax revenue “after receiving a related journalistic inquiry,” the IRS said. in an email announcement.

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The New York Times report ( featured doctored photos of the letters Comey and McCabe received claiming that their selection “was random and consistent with the provisions for conducting tax audits.” Comey was told of his tax audit for the 2017 fiscal year in 2019, while McCabe was told in 2021.


Source: Capital

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