V. Korkidis: Attica retail is ready for Black Friday – Cyber ​​Monday and festive market

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The goal for Black Friday – Cyber ​​Monday is for this year’s open market to surpass the turnover of 280 million euros last November and for consumers to increase the average of purchases and money they will spend.

This was stated, among other things, in his statements to APE-MPE by the president of EVEP and the Regional Chamber Council of Attica, Vassilis Korkidis.

Mr. Korkidis pointed out the concern that this year creates in the traders, more the anxiety for adequacy and price increases of products on the shelves, due to the problems in the supply chain, despite the additional measures of operation of the commercial stores for the coronavirus. He also stressed that despite the high price increases in international markets and the difficulties of timely supply of goods, the preparations for the consumption of the last days of the year in the Greek market have been completed, without pointing out obvious shortcomings.

He also noted that fears about “half-full shelves” seem to go away, but the anxiety remains to be seen in practice, whether the stocks in warehouses and shelves will eventually prove to be sufficient in demand this year from now until the holidays. The 4% inflation boom is of great concern, as it causes price increases and creates uncertainty in the “replacement cost”, mainly of imported goods. It is important that the turnover of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday in the EU in both 2019 and 2020 within the pandemic moved almost at the same levels, exceeding 1.5 billion euros. He stressed that in retail trade there are times when not everyone wins, but everyone participates, because properly SMEs do not want to let the big market and multinationals monopolize the consumer public. He even suggested that domestic e-shops and local stores that provide greater security and attractive prices be preferred again. The aim is for this year’s open market to surpass the 280 million euro turnover of November last year and for consumers to increase the average purchases and money they will spend. In the Attica market it is better to manage an open store door with a control process, than to see a closed door.

Finally, he noted, “it is recalled that last November, the physical stores were closed to everyone, due to the generalized lockdown and horizontal restrictive measures, while this year they are open to all those who observe the measures of public health protection from the very dangerous 4th wave. “The Attica market must remain open and complete another difficult year, operating the critical festive season with readiness and as close as possible to normal.”

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