Vanity Fair Stories 2022, from Doc to Blanca: when friendship is born on the set

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It started by talking about (positive) envy and ended by singing The old farm in choir with an unpublished Pierpaolo Spollon very busy imitating the dog’s cry. Thus, al Vanity Fair Stories 2022the largest fully live event of Vanity Fair which for the first time is staged at Giorgio Gaber Opera House in Milan (via Larga 14) with the theme The change is you, stories that change the world, Maria Chiara Giannetta, Gianmarco Saurino, Pierpaolo Spollon and Beatrice Grannò they brought stories of friendship, anecdotes, passions and lots of laughter to the stage.

So the actors of Doc (yes there will be a third season but you have to wait a bit) e Blanca, already in production with the second season, have shown without setting too many limits the strength that a friendship born on a set can have, whether it’s a fiction or a film, it doesn’t matter. “We are together for a very long time every day, often for whole months,” said Pierpaolo Spollon. «We become just like a family and we put everything into it: beautiful moments and why not, even the most difficult ones ».

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On stage, the actors of the television series Doc and Blanca exchanged jokes one after the other, revealing the passions and habits of each of them, even the most unthinkable ones. Like Spollon’s passion for imitation animals and car purchases. «Since I’ve known him, he’s probably changed six times», laughs Gianmarco Saurino, explaining how he is exactly the opposite of his friend. «On the other hand, it took me a year to decide whether or not to buy a bicycle». «But I spend everything in restaurants», added Beatrice Grannò, smiling at her predilection for gourmet food. The debate ignited when in the center of the stage there was talk of envy. “I try it sometimes but the positive one. On the set, something is always stolen from others», commented Pierpaolo Spollon, underlining the naturalness of experiencing a sensation that is often treated instead as a taboo. “I have rarely happened to go and look at what others are doing,” continued Saurino. «Each of us takes a road and spending moments seeing the path of the others I think is a waste of time».

The whole action can be found in the video above.

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