Vanity Fair Stories 2022, the cast of Mare Fuori: «The real revolution lies in listening»

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«I think the real revolution lies in listening. Not so much in the condition of wanting to be heard, but in the condition of listening». A teaching that comes from sea ​​out, the series that tells the stories of a group of kids in a Juvenile Penalty Institute, a Naples. “Taking this kind of awareness can generate a major change,” he says Valentina Romanialias Naditza, on the occasion of Vanity Fair Stories, «because I believe that listening is the basis of our existence».

«A listening that must be more open, without prejudice to try to get to the bottom of things,” he adds Matthew Paulillo on the stage of the Teatro Lirico Giorgio Gaber. “We live in an age where tends to synthesize. But no two fingerprints are the same, so listen without thinking you already know what our interlocutor is like. Sea Out Talks about guys who have the label of being wrongbut it pushes you to understand who they really are: you always have to put on in the other’s shoes».

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«If there is a trick behind the success of Sea Out? The good that we wanted, the brotherly bond that we carried on every day on set», he reveals James Georgebut keeping his mouth shut next season. “She will undoubtedly be the best,” he declares Artemwithout going around too much. “When I read the script for the first time, I heard a particular bond with my character – Pino, ed – that I couldn’t help but cry. So get ready because it will be very exciting».

«Remaining on the topic of Vanity StoriesI can say that the characters will have to face changes,” he concludes Nicolas Maupas. “Sara”.

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