Venezuela’s regulator has issued a circular allowing the country’s traditional exchange platforms to be used to offer investment products that are not classified as traditional securities.

The Venezuelan National Securities Authority has introduced a new trading segment called the “Miscellaneous Market”, where non-traditional assets such as digital assets and their derivatives will be traded.

The regulator has established a number of rules that brokerage firms must comply with when selling cryptocurrencies. Requirements include registration in the National Register of Securities, coordination and approval of the regulations of the relevant stock exchange, as well as compliance with established requirements for the qualifications of personnel and the sufficiency of technological resources necessary to work in this segment.

In comments to the decision, the official representative of the regulator stated that the circular determines the general attitude of Venezuelan government authorities to the directions of future development of the digital asset market and does not lift the temporary ban on trading cryptocurrencies.

Let us recall that in April, the Venezuelan authorities demanded that all crypto companies in the country cease their activities until further notice from the government. The reason was an investigation into a multibillion-dollar corruption crime.