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Victim tries to remove 9 cats from car, but is crushed by fleeing criminals, in Rio

A woman victim of robbery was crushed at the door of her home while fleeing criminals who took the family car. Gabriela Gonçalves de Azevedo, 41, was trying to remove her nine pet cats from the vehicle when she got stuck against the wall. She and her husband, Wallace da Conceição Silva, 53 years old, were leaving a house they have in Duque de Caxias, in Baixada Fluminense, last Friday night (15), when they were approached by armed men wearing ninja caps.

Security camera footage shows the woman and her husband preparing to leave the garage. They would head to the Lagos region, where they are living. That's when a white vehicle with the bandits stops in front of the open gate, blocking their passage. Three armed bandits come down and arrest the couple, who cannot resist.

The driver of the white car then opens the garage exit. Two criminals return and board the bandits' vehicle. The third takes over driving the victims' car.

According to Wallace, when the criminal tries to escape, Gabriela opens one of the back seat doors so she can get the cats out, but she ends up being crushed. The woman remains lying on the ground as the group leaves.

According to the management of the Hospital Municipalizado Adão Pereira Nunes (HMAPN), Gabriela was admitted to the unit with pain in the chest and abdomen and after evaluation and tests, it was found that she had rib fractures and a perforated lung. According to the hospital, the patient remains hospitalized, lucid, oriented and in stable condition.

Delegate André Leiras, responsible for the Duque de Caxias Police Station (59th DP), which is investigating the case, reported that he is analyzing the security camera images and taking other steps to identify the perpetrators.

Wallace says that seven of the animals managed to escape, but two cats ended up being taken by the criminals, as well as the couple's cell phones and other belongings. The family is asking for information that could help locate Jady and Chimicha, who remained in the vehicle.

Source: CNN Brasil

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