Victory Day will serve as Russian military demonstration to the West, says expert

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Russia prepares this Sunday (8) for the “Victory Day” , a date that celebrates the triumph of the former Soviet Union against Germany in World War II. The celebratory military parade takes place in the midst of the war in Ukraine, which makes the event even more relevant in the eyes of the rest of the world.

in interview to CNN ESPM professor of international relations and geoeconomics Leonardo Trevisan said that the celebration has a “very strong” symbolic charge for Russians, and that Putin should take advantage of the military parade to send a warning to the West.

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“All Russian leaders took advantage of this memory of the second war, but Putin was the most skilful in this process. In this period of the war in Ukraine, which he calls special operations, there was a kind of suspicion that he would use the parade to call the conflict for the first time war even, to somehow make announcements of further actions in Ukraine, but it is not what is consolidating”, he said.

“It seems that the situation will remain the same, what Russia will effectively do is a demonstration of warlike power, a warning to the West as a whole”, pointed out the professor.

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Trevisan also said that independent Russian journalists were afraid that Vladimir Putin would change the profile of the call for war.

So far, Russia has only called up professional soldiers, but there were fears that Putin could change and call into the conflict people who are only doing military service, or even appeal to the reserves.

“Imagine the tension of Russian mothers as they imagine that their children can be summoned. There is a very strong fear in Russian social reality about this announcement by Putin, because he is in need of more human resources in the war due to the resistance of the Ukrainians,” she added.

*Text published by Fabricio Julião Filho, from CNN Brasil, in São Paulo

Source: CNN Brasil

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