Vincenzo Cantatore: “In boxing women have more determination”

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Vincenzo Cantatore, WBU heavyweight world champion in 1998 and of Europe EBU in 2004 is today one of the best known boxing coaches in Italy. In his gym in Rome he teaches boxing, but also sports behavior, the education of a noble discipline with ancient origins. Among its athletes, there are also several women, who seek in boxing the security of knowing how to defend themselves in case of aggression but also an outlet from everyday stress.

«It’s really amazing», Cantatore explains, «in recent years there female boxing it has spread so much that in my gym now there are women than men.

I would say about 55% of the total ».

Vincenzo was on the staff of Sinisa Mihajlovic at the beginning of his Bologna experience with the role of physical trainer and mental coach. «This last aspect is one of the most decisive», he continues, «at Top Rank we are also specialized in training boys with psychological problems. We know well the value and power of the mind ».

But how do women approach boxing? Much better than men! “They have exceptional determination. When they come to me they already know what they want and go straight on their way until they get the results they have set for themselves: physical well-being, a little more safety and a balance between body and mind that allows them to better deal with every situation of life “.

Boxing has very high principles and values, learning the art of boxing also means growing as human beings. «At the base of everything is the respect», Adds the former world champion,« for themselves, for others and for the coaches ».

The differences between women and men are many. “And all in favor of the fairer sex. They have more character, determination, they are never tired and even if for them it is the first workout they arrive at the gym with the desire to break the world.. I often take them as an example to men, who are more complaining. Lately I have had a guy who wanted to train with weights lower than those a lady had used just before, which is funny! ».

Never dome, the Top Rank patrons did not give up even during the lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. «They have always followed with tenacity the online courses that together with my wife we ​​immediately set up to avoid throwing away all the work done previously. The goal is not to fight in the ring, but to feel good to face life ».

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