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Waterfall is closed due to risk of rock collapse in MG

The Tabuleiro Waterfall, located within the Tabuleiro Municipal Natural Park Conservation Unit, was closed by the City of Conceição do Mato Dentro due to the risk of rocks collapsing into its structure. The waterfall, which is the largest and one of the most famous waterfalls in Minas Gerais, will be closed indefinitely. The closure, announced at the beginning of the week, occurred after inspections and technical surveys that pointed to the potential risk of rock displacement.

In a note, the City Hall also informed that visits to the upper part of the waterfall will be maintained, respecting the local weather conditions. There is no plan to close the area, unless a risk to visitors is determined. The Tabuleiro waterfall well, which is located in the lower part, has undergone an emergency closure and will be closed for both visitors and bathing. The administration will carry out interventions in areas of potential rock displacement.

“It is worth highlighting that the natural geological environment of the Tabuleiro waterfall has processes of complex, intense, dynamic gravitational mass movements that evolve almost daily. As soon as the attraction is released, communication will be made through city hall channels.”

Tourist spot

Cachoeira do Tabuleiro is 273 meters high and is considered the highest in the state. Located 175km from the capital, Belo Horizonte, the place has an annual visitation of around 7 thousand tourists. The site makes up a 33 km trail, one of the most famous crossings in the country and which attracts many ecotourists. The trail is considered to be of medium difficulty, consisting of light paths to rugged climbs, peaks, rock fields, waterfalls and gallery forests. Cachoeira do Tabueleiro provides tourists with a panoramic view of the entire Serra do Cipó. The waterfall has already been awarded the most beautiful in Brazil twice and is on the list of the “7 Wonders of Estrada Real”.

Source: CNN Brasil

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