We have used diplomatic resources to resolve the separatist issue, says Russia

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During the session of the UN General Assembly on Wednesday (23), Russian Ambassador Vasily Nebenzya said that they are “using all diplomatic resources to resolve the situation in Donbas”, a separatist area in eastern Ukraine, and defended the proposed resolution presented by his country.

“We started this special operation to stop the attacks on civilians in the Donbas region 8 years ago,” Nebenzya said, adding that “our Western colleagues have been pointing the finger at Russia without looking at the population of the Donbas region.”

During his speech, the ambassador criticized the proposed resolution presented by Ukraine and supported by several Western countries, accusing it of being made “in the context of anti-Russian efforts or our Western colleagues”.

In defending the Russian draft aid to Ukraine, he said that “if our Western colleagues in the Security Council were really concerned about the humanitarian situation on the ground, they have the opportunity to show that and vote on our draft humanitarian resolution in the Council of Safety”.

Nebenzya added that in doing so, the body would “fulfill its role” and accused what he called “Ukrainian nationalists” of using civilians as human shields and preventing their exit through humanitarian corridors.

“That’s why Russia is working on denazification and demilitarization, that’s the purpose of the special operation,” he said. “We also say that we are not targeting civilians, and nationalists need to be held accountable for their crimes in recent years,” he added.

In addition to the Ukrainian and Russian proposal, the Assembly will also consider the one presented by South Africa – which does not mention Russia at all. In this regard, the ambassador stated that he understands that the South African draft “addresses the political and economic pressures of Western countries”.

“I hope everyone makes independent decisions”, concluded Vasily Nebenzya.

Source: CNN Brasil

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