What is known about the case involving 7 dead and missing family in DF

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The Civil Police of the Federal District is carrying out, this Thursday (19), a new search for the members of a family missing since last week. Yesterday, a seventh body supposedly related to the case was found in a prison in Planaltina, a satellite city of the Federal District.

On Wednesday afternoon (18), the Legal Medical Institute (IML) of Belo Horizonte confirmed that two charred bodies located in another vehicle in Minas Gerais are female.

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The police believe they are the bodies of Renata Juliene Belchior aged 52, and her daughter, Gabriela Belchior , aged 25, members of the missing family. Among the charred bodies found, three are children.

Three men were arrested suspected of involvement in the case. One of them informed the police that the father and grandfather of these children were responsible for this crime, financially driven . However, the police have yet to confirm this hypothesis.

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Three other people remain missing. Are they: Thiago Gabriel Belchior de Oliveira father of children and husband of Elizamar Silva one of the first identified victims; Marcos Antonio Lopes de Oliveira , Thiago’s father and Elizamar’s father-in-law; and Claudia Regina Marques de Oliveira ex-wife of Marcos Antônio.

case timeline

  • 01/12: Elizamar Silva disappears with three children;
  • 01/13: Car is found charred, in Cristalina (GO), with four bodies (unidentified, three children);
  • 01/14: Marcos Antônio’s car is found charred, in Unaí (MG), with two bodies (unidentified, but female);
  • 01/17: Gideon Batista is arrested in the morning. Horácio Carlos is arrested in the afternoon and mentions Thiago (Elizamar’s husband) and Marcos Antônio (Elizamar’s father-in-law) as the masterminds of the crime. Fabrício Silva is arrested at night.
  • 01/18: Seventh body is found in a captivity in Planaltina, satellite city of the Federal District.

Who are the missing

  • Elizamar Silva, 39, hairdresser;
  • Gabriel Silva, 7, son of Elizamar;
  • Rafael Silva, 6, son of Elizamar;
  • Rafaela Silva, 6, daughter of Elizamar;
  • Thiago Gabriel Belchior de Oliveira, husband of Elizamar;
  • Marcos Antônio Lopes de Oliveira, 54, Thiago’s father and Elizamar’s father-in-law;
  • Renata Juliene Belchior, 52, Thiago’s mother and Elizamar’s mother-in-law;
  • Gabriela Belchior de Oliveira, 25, Thiago’s sister and Elizamar’s sister-in-law;
  • Cláudia Regina Marques de Oliveira, ex-wife of Marcos Antônio;
  • Ana Beatriz Marques de Oliveira, daughter of Cláudia Regina and Marcos Antônio.

(Published by Lucas Schroeder, with information from Daniela Mallmann and Marina Demori)

Source: CNN Brasil

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