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What to do in Uruguay with children? See tips and services

Holidays are coming and the question that won’t go away is “Can you go to Uruguay with children? ”. And as I don’t have children, I called an expert on the subject to help me with tips: Brazilian Jamile Cardoso, mother of two girls, one aged two and the other aged nine, residing in Punta del Este and Instagram author @Viveruruguay.

In Montevideo there is no shortage of parks and squares with space prepared for children, with special emphasis on the Rodó Park with lots of green area, toys, a lake with pedal boats and even a small castle that houses a children’s library.

For those who want to visit wineries, most of them accept entry to little ones who enjoy the green area of ​​the place. In Carmelo, near Colônia do Sacramento, two good options for those traveling with children are the El Legado and the Almacen de la Capilla of the Cordano winery.

The most popular destination in Uruguay also has good surprises for family holidays. Surrounded by beaches and lots of nature, with a great gastronomic offer and a calm and safe pace of life, Punta del Este — and its surroundings — stands out as an ideal place to travel with children.

Below, highlighted, Jamile’s tips for anyone passing by.

El Jagüel

Favorite attraction of children of many generations, the park El Jagüel It is just a few minutes from the center of Punta del Este. A huge green area with lots of fun: playgrounds of all kinds, lots of shapes and colors.

There are little wooden houses, giant slides, a pirate boat, a helicopter and a real fire truck — recycled so children can play safely — as well as a multitude of options.

The park has some stations that sell food and drinks, basic things like hot dogs and water. It is also possible to bring your own lunch and have a picnic. At the exit of the park there is also a small karting track and pony and horse rentals.


  • Free entrance.
  • Opening hours: vary throughout the year, it’s a good idea to check before going. It is currently open every day from 10am to 7pm, except Tuesday.
  • Location: Camino la Barra, Parque San Rafael, av. Aparicio Saravia, 20000 Punta del Este, Uruguay

Arboretum Lussich (easily combinable with Casapueblo)

Arboretum means collection of trees, a project that was a whim and audacity of the Lussich family. In an area of ​​almost 200 hectares, around 380 species are catalogued, including native flora and those from different parts of the world.

It is possible to go hiking in Arboretum Lussichwith a total of 20 km of higher and lower intensity routes that can be done completely or partially with children.

Our tours are usually short and reach the viewpoint, where we enjoy the beautiful panorama of Punta Ballena and return with the cubs, who feel like great adventurers.

Rest takes place in the charming Checa Café, on the second floor of the mansion, the former Lussich residence. Today, the establishment is a small museum that tells the story of the feat of creating this collection in an originally harsh place.

Furthermore, the site displays objects and documents from the family who, being influential and very well connected, owned one of the largest maritime rescue companies in the world, a detail that greatly facilitated botanical exchange.


  • Access to the trails is free, while a visit to the museum costs around 20 reais (under 6 years old are free);
  • Opening hours (forest): On Tuesdays, from 9am to 5pm; from Wednesday to Sunday, from 9am to 6pm;
  • Location: Camino Lussich, 100 – 20000. Maldonado – Uruguay.
Arboretum Lussich also offers a café to visitors

Lapataia Farm

The traditional dulce de leche farm Lapataia There are several activities aimed at children: they offer a pleasant playground, strollers around the property, the possibility of horseback riding and once a day they milk and feed puppies. There, they have horses and ponies.

Times vary depending on the season, but the program usually starts at 3pm. Some activities are free, such as milking and feeding the goats and calves. To participate, simply register at reception.

Another popular attraction is the farm’s snack bar that sells the now famous crepe with abundant dulce de leche. There is also a small shop with the house’s star product in different versions.


  • Open from Thursday to Sunday, from 1:30 pm to 7 pm. Below, see the schedule and prices for the activities, which cost up to R$70:
    – 3:30 pm: Interactive didactic milking (free);
    – 4:45 pm: Breastfeeding of goats and calves (free);
    – Train ride: 5 pesos;
    – Horseback riding: 500 pesos;
    – Pony ride: 250 pesos.
  • Location: Parada 45 mansa, 20003 Department of Maldonado, Uruguay.
With a playground and the possibility of horse riding, the traditional Lapataia dulce de leche farm has several activities aimed at children

MACA, Fundação Pablo Atchugarry – Almacén La 104 – Bio Chácara

It’s not exactly a children’s attraction, but it works very well with children. O LITTER It is one of the best cultural experiences in Uruguay.

An outdoor sculpture park — plenty of free space for little ones to roam freely — and a building with impressive architecture and always impeccable curation of temporary exhibitions, plus the permanent collection with works by the founder and renowned Uruguayan artist Pablo Atchugarry. Unmissable, and entry is free.

Nearby, we have options to complement the tour, such as the small Museum of Vintage Cars or the La 104 field store, an incredible space with the elegance and quality characteristic of the Narbona group: to buy cheeses, wines, dulce de leche, bread natural fermentation and more.

We took advantage of the proximity to also stop by the beloved Bio Chácara and hold the fair with local and ecological products. There is a store and the possibility of harvesting directly from the garden, always the children’s favorite option, fun guaranteed.


  • Free entrance;
  • Open from Wednesday to Monday from 10 am to 6 pm;
  • Location: Ruta 104 Km. 4,500, 20005, Department of Maldonado, Uruguay
MACA, in Punta Del Leste, Uruguay, is an attraction for all audiences

A walk around Punta del Este

It’s the classic that works: a walk around the port always goes well, it never hurts to visit the sea lions. The animals usually wait for leftovers from the fishmongers that operate there and are a delight for children — and adults! – daily. It’s always an event to meet them!

From the port, the tour continues along Gorlero Avenue with a break for an ice cream at Lucciano’s, which has a decor inspired by Casapueblo and interesting flavors.

The next stop is at the friendly and heavenly Candelaria Church, on the street behind the Punta del Este lighthouse — next door to the Church — there is a small square with toys for children of all ages and a couple of tables to rest or have a picnic.

To close the day with a flourish, very close by we find the Neapolitan-style pizzeria Atrevida with a very appetizing menu, both the pizzas and the fainá — thin chickpea dough, very traditional and beloved in Uruguay — are a hit with the whole family.

Entry to the port is free and we recommend going in the morning when the fishmongers are there.

It is possible to find sea lions in the port of Punta Del Leste

*The texts published by Insiders and Columnists do not necessarily reflect the opinion of CNN Viagem & Gastronomia.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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