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Why more women in the US are turning to Facebook to find a sperm donor

Angela had been trying for 2 years to get pregnant through IVF sperm bank. But after several attempts, and with expenses reaching $10,000, Angela still had not succeeded in conceiving a child.

It started to become costly for us“, she says in businessinsider.com. Then, she and her husband started looking for other alternatives. A friend suggested them to search for groups on Facebookwhich deals with connecting donors and people who want to get pregnant.

That’s how Angela met Kyle Gordy in a social media group called “Sperm Donations USA». Kyle Gordy has always been sperm donor and claims that through his donations, about 70 children have been born. The donor exchanged messages with Angela and her husband for two weeks before they decided to they all meet together in a public parking lot, where Kyle gave Angela a cup of his sperm for free.

Angela is one of thousands of women looking for a sperm donor through Facebook. She remembers a friend telling her she spent about a down payment on a house on fertility treatments to get pregnant. “I feel sorry for these people. We should be saving this money to raise our children“, she says.

With the free sperm he got from Gordy, Angela managed to get pregnant. Her son will be 2 years old in July. Angela and her husband say that if they decide to have a second child, “we will definitely go through this process again».

In search of a man who will give his sperm for free

Another case is that of Christina Graham, who three years ago, wanted to buy sperm through a bank, but found the process too expensive, especially since it could take several tries before it was left. pregnant. She stated that the lowest price she and her wife found was $500 for a vial of sperm.

“Then I thought with my wife: “Are there people who would do this?“”, he said. Since then, Graham has spoken to 2 non-cash sperm donors she met on Facebook. She is still trying to get pregnant.

Now, the donor comes to her house when she is in her fertile days, ejaculates into a cup and Graham uses a syringe to insert the sperm into her – a method similar to artificial insemination.

There are risks involved

While sperm banks in the US are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, Facebook groups where people exchange free sperm, they have no supervisiona fact that carries risks for both recipients and donors.

When looking for a sperm donor on Facebook, women should watch out for guys who they are not innocent. Graham and Angela said they made it clear to potential donors that they only wanted to get pregnant through artificial insemination. But at the last minute, some donors said they only wanted natural fertilization — in other words, sex — or that they needed to see the fertilization happen, Angela said.

“One guy said to me, ‘I need to be in the room to see that it’s being put on you and not on your wife,'” Angela said. “I told him we would never do that».

Graham recalled that one donor even asked her for a nude photo. “He said: “I want to see who I’m going to get pregnant”“, he said.

Even so, for some women who want to get pregnant and have no other choice, the pros outweigh the cons. “That’s how things are for some peoplesays a spokesperson for the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. “You have to balance security, autonomy and availability. It’s a confusing picture.”

Source: News Beast

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