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Will Smith Was Nervous While Filming Kiss Scene And Needed A Wife On Set

Rosario Dawson, actress who played Emily in the movie “Sete Vidas”, revealed in an interview that actor Will Smith had problems recording a kissing scene with her, his romantic partner.

During the television program “Access Hollywood”, she said that the actor was very nervous and she and the production had to work to convince Will Smith to record.

“Here’s the guy who was pushing the footage of our kiss to the end of the end of the end of filming. So the question was, ‘I know I don’t smell bad… I know I brushed my teeth… I put on deodorant!”

“You’re just nervous. You’re nervous about kissing me. Don’t worry, I’ll be kind”, she joked to try to calm her colleague.

Despite attempts, the only person who managed to help Will Smith was his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, who came to the recording set.

“And she was the whole time telling him, ‘Honey, you really need to do this! Don’t embarrass me.’ So, she was on my side on this one.”

“Sete Vidas” is a drama directed by Gabriel Muccino, with a script by Grant Nieporte, which portrays the life of Will Smith’s character dealing with the feeling of guilt for having caused a fatal accident.

Will Smith and Jada have been married since 1997 and together they had Willow Smith, Jaden Smith and Trey Smith. The union of the two has already gone through some mishaps along the way, but Will claimed that there was never infidelity, even exposing that his marriage was not monogamous. In April of this year there were some rumors about a possible separation, but nothing was confirmed.

To defend his wife from a Chris Rock line at the Oscars, Will Smith got up, went onstage and slapped the comedian. He was penalized by the Academy and will not participate in the award for 10 years.

Source: CNN Brasil

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