Women in management have improved the Vatican more than men, says pope

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O pope Francis said in this ofmingo (6) that at women what he named in Vatican has testof what can be better managers of what you men and what there was a lot of male chauvinism at Catholic Church Romeat and at society in general.

O pope made his comments during a press conference from within of plane what retortatheading to Rome after his four-day trip to Bahrain.

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“I noticed what every time what a woman is given a position (of responsibility) in the Vaticanthings get better,” he said.

Francis went whatplaceatof about the women at frontline ofs protests in Iran, but he did not answer the question, focusingof on the theme of role of women generally.

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speakof in women what he appointed to managerial positions, the pope mentioned Sister Raffaella Petrini, deputy governoratofout of town of Vatican, what is effectively the woman most powerful of Vaticanresponsible for about 2 thousand employees.

“Things have changed for the better,” he said, referring toofup to Petrini’s management skills, what was nominated last yearof.

Source: CNN Brasil

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