World Cup 2022, who will you be rooting for?

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From November 20th to December 18th i World Cup 2022, the most contested world cup ever, due to lack of respect for human rights in the host country, Qatar, and corruption concerns. If your choice is not the legitimate one of boycotting and therefore not watching any matches, you have to decide who to support given that Italy failed to qualify for the second time in a row. There are 32 teams to choose from. Here they are summarized in a practical cheering scheme.

The unfitables

As Italians it is difficult to think of rooting for France and Germany, historic adversaries. Among other things, in case of victory, the Germans would overtake us because both teams now have four titles on the bulletin board. England isn’t quite at the top of the list either.

The friends

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Spain seems closer and relations have been good in recent years. Denmark is the one that has spent the most on rights and brings with it the story of Eriksen who is at this World Cup after his heart stopped on the pitch at the European Championships. Croatia beaten in the last final can stay in this group.

The charm of South America

Brazil is always Brazil, but it already has 5 World Cups on its shelf, do we want to get it to six? Uruguay always have a good team and have some of the most beautiful shirts, if that can make the difference. Mexico can also be put here.

The improbable

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They are the ones who have no hope, but they are nice. Costa Rica’s victory is given 500 to 1 by bookmakers, but do you want to put the satisfaction of the miracle? Canada and Ecuador are also here and Australia with them as well as the United States which has also made progress over the years.

The human rights issue

Qatar, host country, of course, but the players are not to blame for other people’s choices. Saudi Arabia. Iran that could do something to support the protests in the country. The players don’t know if they will sing the national anthem before matches and have not yet decided if they will celebrate after a goal.

Old Europe

Belgium, Serbia, Switzerland, Holland, Poland, Wales. The choice is yours based on personal likes or dislikes.

The Champions

There are teams you like for the charm of their champions. Two above all, at the last World Cup, Messi with Argentina and Ronaldo with Portugal.

The East

If it is the East that attracts you there are two options: South Korea and Japan. We would choose the latter. At the last World Cup, the Japanese left a wonderful thank you note in the locker room after tidying it up. With Korea, on the other hand, we have a suspension in the World Cup at their home with the referee Moreno.


No African team ever has a soccer world championship. That’s unlikely to happen this time, but why not cheer for Ghana, Senegal, Morocco, Tunisia or Cameroon?

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