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X Factor 2023, fourth live: Fedez’s reproach to Dargen and Morgan’s unfortunate joke to Francesca Michielin

“It’s not a pretty sight at the table tonight.” This is the comment that Ambra felt like sharing with the public X Factor towards the final bars of fourth live, perhaps the hottest episode since the talent show aired on Sky. The fuse responsible for half of the evening’s clashes could only be Morgan, who already from the first round, i.e. the flash performances of the competitors at the beginning of the episode, had objections to the organization of the program. «I didn’t like my boys. They imposed the pieces”Morgan said before cashing in theelimination of Selmi, a very talented boy whose outing impressed the presenter so much Francesca Michielin to push her to emotion. «I’m a little sad at the thought of not seeing you anymore, I wasn’t ready», said Michielin before taking advantage of the performance of Matteo Alieno of the Ambra team to return to the gaffe from the week before, when, during the exchange of jokes on the stage of X Factor with Colapesce and Dimartino, asked the duo what it was like to duet with Ivan Grazianibut disappeared in 1997.

Dargen D’AmicoAlberto Terenghi / ipa-agency.net

«Last week I asked the really shitty question. I could have said it better but, as my grandmother Lucia would say: let’s move on”, Francesca had the opportunity to clarify, who found herself in the difficult task of quell a particularly electric jury. Beyond the extraordinary live performance of Annalisawho decided to open the medley by singing Beautifulthe song that Morgan had rejected at the very first live, calling it superficial and of little depth, the first arguments behind the bar were between Morgan (and who else?) and Dargen D’Amico, that after the performance of Sickteensthe second eliminated of the episode – felt compelled to attack his colleague: «You should teach your kids respect. I appreciate artists, and I would like people to be honest inside and outside here. Don’t tell me behind the scenes that I’ve given in to the music biz because I know an author from Annalisa. I respect people, and you should too.” Hence Morgan’s response: «I respect you as a person just as I respect those who choose to be musicians. Those who make music only for those who want to hit the charts, no. The music biz is made up of sleazy people”, Morgan wanted to point out, continuing to discuss with Dargen even during the performance of Maria Tombathe young girl from Fedez’s team.

Annalisa at the fourth live of X Factor 2023Alberto Terenghi / ipa-agency.net

“I am sorry, Unfortunately I didn’t pay much attention to Maria’s performance because I was talking to Morgan, we wanted to clarify”, said Dargen with far too much candor, slipping on a rather large banana peel since he is called to X Factor precisely to pay attention to the young talents who take turns on stage in order to advise them on the right steps they should take to move forward on the path. Needless to say, this was rightly not liked by Fedez, who scolded D’Amico when, immediately after the September performance, he was arguing with Morgan about the choice of song. «If you want us to talk, kindly. Otherwise it’s just the two of you who are shitting yourself. Do you know what the difference is between you and me, Dargen? It’s just that I listened to your competitor, and I want to say how I think”, thundered Fedez while D’Amico offered mea culpa. However, she didn’t fare any better even at the time of the performance The Usual Dandy, which attracted Morgan’s fury because, according to him, the scenic attention towards the competitor was not the same as for all the other boys. While he complained that a X Factor there are two weights and two measures, Francesca Michielin tried to call Morgan to orderexcept that the latter came out rather unhappy «tell us about Ivan Graziani». A joke that sparked boos from the public and Fedez’s immediate solidarity towards her friend. In short, do we have any tension?


Source: Vanity Fair

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