Youtuber is arrested in SC after recording fake robbery and mobilizing helicopter and PM vehicles

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A 28-year-old youtuber was arrested this Wednesday (18) in the city of Balneário Camboriú, in Santa Catarina, after recording a simulated robbery on a public road – which provoked despair among residents and mobilized vehicles. and Military Police (PM) helicopter.

The PM did not identify the name and channel of the youtuber.

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According to the authorities, police officers received a call via 190 to the Nova Esperança neighborhood, in Balneário, and the information indicated that a robbery was taking place near a shooting club, with men carrying rifle-type weapons. The alleged robbers would have fled in a Ranger truck.

The complaint mobilized all police vehicles and motorcycles from the 12th Battalion of the Military Police of Baleário, in addition to an Eagle helicopter.

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In the urgency of moving to the site of the alleged robbery, police officers crossed red lights, drove the wrong way and exceeded the speed limit.

The PM also reported that other reported police incidents were on the waiting list, as all available military police officers had been mobilized for the case in Nova Esperança “due to the gravity of the fact”.

Residents of the region reported to the police the escape route of the suspect vehicle.

Youtuber is arrested in SC after recording fake assault and mobilizing helicopter and PM vehicles

“After at least 30 minutes of intense searches by the teams, with an eagle 07 aircraft flying over the region and also mobilization of police teams from Itapema and Itajaí, who started to set up barriers on BR 101, to avoid a possible escape, it was possible to find the referred truck parked in a residence”, reported the Military Police, in a note.

The police surrounded the house and approached the resident. The unidentified man claimed that he is a youtuber and was “just recording a video on a public road, simulating a robbery, for his youtube channel, and that the weapons used would be of the airsoft type”.

“He also said that he did not give notice and does not have any authorization from the competent public bodies to record such scenes on a public road”, added the PM.

Local residents reported to the police that the youtuber would have pointed a gun and told everyone to leave, with voice and gestures. People on the road ran to a nearby factory and asked the local employee to call the police.

The youtuber was arrested in flagrante delicto under article 265 of the Penal Code, for violating the functioning of the police service, in addition to the crimes of threat and the criminal misdemeanor of disturbing the work or peace of others. Penalties can reach up to 5 years in prison.

Airsoft guns and other items used in the video recording were seized. In the cameras, scenes of the recordings made in robbery simulation were found.

Youtuber is arrested in SC after recording fake robbery and mobilizing helicopter and PM vehicles

Source: CNN Brasil

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