Zelensky denies that the Russians are coming to Donbas

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Russian troops did not make significant territorial gains during the fighting in Donbas, eastern Ukraine, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a daily speech on Tuesday night, disproving Russian claims that they were close to dominating the region.

“The situation on the front has not changed significantly in the past 24 hours,” Zelenski said, adding that “Donbas’s heroic defense continues.”

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The fiercest fighting continues in the cities of Severodonyetsk, Lisichansk and Popasna, he continued. “There is a feeling that the occupying forces did not believe that the resistance would be so strong,” he added.

According to the head of the Ukrainian state, Russia is developing other units in Donbas and in the southern region of Kherson to counter Ukrainian counterattacks.

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“But what does this mean? In any case, most of the occupying forces have long realized that they have nothing good to expect in Ukraine,” he said, adding that since the start of the Russian invasion of his country they have been killed. “over 31,000” members of the Russian armed forces.

“From February 24,” Russia is paying for this utterly absurd war against Ukraine with the lives of more than 300 soldiers every day. And the day will come when the number of casualties will exceed the limits allowed even for Russia. ” , he added.

It is impossible to independently verify the numbers of casualties reported by the President of Ukraine.

Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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