Zelensky: “Important step towards victory” sending US Abrams tanks to Ukraine

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The US announced that will send 31 US Abrams tanks to Ukraineso that Germany agrees to send Leopard 2 and o Volodymyr Zelensky he characterized the event as “an important step on the way to victory”.

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In a post on Twitter, the Ukrainian president added: “Today the free world is united like never before in a common goal,” which he described as the “liberation” of Ukraine.

It is noted that after the “green light” of the West to send tanks, Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Andrii Melnyk said that “we will need warships to protect the coasts, we have a very long coastline. We will also need submarines to prevent the risk of a new attack from the sea in the Black Sea.”

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So far, however, the West has categorically rejected sending more heavy weapons to Ukraine.

Source: News Beast

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