85-year-old grandmother opens her Bumble account to have fun and find love

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Finding your soulmate can be difficult, but not if you are Hattie Retroage, 85, who, regardless of her age or criticism from society, opened an account on Bumble, Tinder and others. apps dating to give love a second chance.

Hattie divorced when she was 48 years old and now she only wants to date younger men to make up for lost time with whom she did not know how to take advantage of it. But that’s not all, because she says she is open to any type of relationship, that is, something casual, temporary, friendship or reaching the altar again.

Hattie separated from her husband because he was not responsible enough to take care of her and their children. At the time, she was a dancer and did not earn enough to pay for her children’s home and college expenses.

Despite the fact that her marriage was not what she wanted, she decided to give herself a new opportunity and without any fear, entered the world of women. apps dating where, in her own words, she has met more than 50 men.

I will start dating again now that I can be intimate and enjoy making love again. I am delighted that my sexual style is changing course. It is not just old men who enjoy young women, we are turning the tide.

Smiling woman; 85-year-old granny opens her profile on Bumble and gets lots of dates

Her experience has allowed her to develop as a writer and she hopes that her next bookstore issue will inspire other single and / or older women to date younger guys and allow their hearts to feel that sweet sense of love and adrenaline again. first date.

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