Euskadi presents 188 projects with which it aspires to receive 5,703 million European funds

The proposal has to pass the first filter of the central government and the final amount it will receive is unknown. Urkullu does not clarify the percentage of private investment in the projects or their territorial distribution

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Euskadi will present 188 investments with which you plan to capture 5,703 million euros of the funds of the European Union Recovery and Resilience mechanism.

The Basque Governing Council today approved the specific projects with which expects to activate an investment of 13,135 million euros In the next five years, adding the money from Europe, the budgets of the Basque administrations and private investment, although the Basque Government has not today wanted to quantify in what proportion the public and business contribution will be distributed.


In any case, this is not more than a forecast for the moment, since it is unknown whether the money that reaches the Basque Country from Europe after passing the filter of the Spanish Government will reach 5,700 million to which the Basque Executive aspires.

The list of projects is not definitive either, since after the controversy that arose after the presentation of the first provisional list in August, both the Lehendakari IÃ ± igo Urkullu and the Minister of Economy and Finance, Pedro Azpiazu, have insisted in that the document approved today, and which will be immediately transferred to the central government so that it can have it in its hands before the end of the year, is an open document. “It is a living project, an open document,” Azpiazu pointed out, since the negotiation process with the central government will be extended until April of next year, which will be in charge of preparing a proposal jointly with the projects presented by the different communities.


If the list of projects remains open in a way, the territorial distribution is also poorly defined, since according to the documentation provided today by the Executive, 44.9% will be located in Euskadi, without specifying, while the It is known that 24.6% will be in Bizkaia, 12.9% in à ?? lava and 7.6% in Gipuzkoa, so it is not specified whether one territory will ultimately benefit more than the others. Yes.

The document collects in 8 strategic areas with 188 investments, among which the 16 Strategic Projects for the Recovery and Economic Transformation of the Basque Country -PERTE- stand out.

Euskadi Next’s measures aimed at the energy-ecological transition reach 63%, while those aimed at the digital transition reach 21%.

Specifically, the 8 strategic areas included in the Euskadi Next are health and care for people; learning throughout life; the generation of renewable energies; sustainable mobility; the digitization and innovation of Administrations, companies and value chains, the urban habitat; the natural habitat and prevention of natural disasters; and the circular economy.

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