Fans think the Weeknd’s ‘new look’ refers to Bella Hadid


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Since The Weeknd shared their latest music video for the song Save Your Tears, their fans They have tried to decipher its meaning and everything seems to indicate that the Canadian could be referring to one of his famous ex-girlfriends.

Many of his most loyal fans are sure that the exaggerated modifications to the singer’s face could be a mockery or indirect towards the American model Bella Hadid, with whom he had a complicated relationship for almost four years.

The singer looks unrecognizable in the video

escenas del video musical de the weeknd save your tears

Although the successful musician used makeup and prosthetics in his latest videos such as Blinding Lights, this new image is totally different from what you are used to. The 30-year-old singer looks like he’s undergone multiple plastic surgeries, with exaggerated lips and prominent cheekbones.

Instantly, thousands of fans began to comment that the look It is a reference or mockery of Hadid, who has been singled out for radically changing her face since she was a teenager, although the model has always denied it in multiple interviews.

The model has said that she has never had surgery

bella hadid as a teenager, physical changes

It is possible that the prostheses are simply a way to continue the story of his previous videos, where the singer was shown bandaged and beaten. Still, this clip is not the only one that has been related to past relationships.

The song Escape From LA includes lyrics that refer directly to Hadid. Also, in the same music video for Save Your Tears, Many fans They discussed the similarities between Selena Gomez and the girl she dances with. Whatever The Weeknd’s goal, it is clear that their relationships are a great inspiration to create new music.

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