A consultant to the US armed forces, a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on the use of digital technologies for national defense, is sure that future military conflicts will be resolved using crypto technologies.

Jason Lowery stated that cryptocurrencies, and especially bitcoin, represent “a national strategic imperative that the US must support and accept as quickly as possible, otherwise it risks losing its leadership as a global superpower.”

“Based on scientific concepts from the fields of evolution, biology, anthropology, political science and computer theory, it can be stated that new technologies, in particular those related to the mining of crypto assets, especially proof of work, have a huge impact on how people organize, cooperate and compete on a global scale. This will allow technologically advanced nations to project brute force into, out of, and through the crypto space,” said Jason Lowry.

Proof of Work Consensus offers a new way to handle conflicts, according to a military consultant. Instead of bombs, opponents can use hashrate. And instead of fighting – to mine bitcoins. Nations that build their infrastructure on BTC will protect the country on several levels. First, the blockchain will provide better protection against cyber attacks. Secondly, nations will compete not for territories, but for digital money – hashrate. And at the same time depend on the same system.

The crypto space already plays a significant role in conflicts, and this role will only increase in the future, the MIT researcher is sure. The expert is sure that countries with more bitcoin in reserve are likely to remain at the top of the ladder of power, while countries with less BTC will have a harder time establishing dominance and leaving a mark on history.

The direction the US government has been taking over the past few months in an attempt to permanently eliminate bitcoin and digital currencies from the financial environment leaves the nation vulnerable to a whole slew of potential detractors, laments an army consultant. Lowry recommends that the US federal authorities change their mind and accept bitcoin as the national currency.

Earlier, Commissioner of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Christy Goldsmith Romero said that crypto assets should lose their anonymity, as they can be used for cyber attacks on critical infrastructure.