Pavlos Marinakis

P. Marinakis: SYRIZA and Al. Tsipras instrumentalizes human pain’

P. Marinakis: SYRIZA and Al. Tsipras instrumentalizes human pain’

"SYRIZA and Alexis Tsipras use human suffering as a tool and do not hesitate to indirectly adopt many of what…

7 months ago

P. Marinakis: To the hypocritical and dangerous tactics of SYRIZA, the government responds with seriousness and actions

The secretary of the ND Parliamentary Assembly, Pavlos Marinakis, accuses SYRIZA of "tactics of exploiting human suffering" and "deliberate lies…

8 months ago

P. Marinakis in ONNED pre-conference: DAP-NDFK will never be abolished

"Sports and volunteering is a big capital", stressed from Ioannina, the Deputy Minister of Sports, Lefteris Avgenakis, during the ONNED…

10 months ago

P. Marinaki’s two-day visit to Cyprus

The secretary of the Political Committee of ND Pavlos Marinakis paid a two-day visit to Cyprus, who met, among others,…

10 months ago

P. Marinakis-14th SW Congress: Our party restored democracy, kept Greece upright

"People need to know the truth: This government has reduced taxes more than any other government, reduced insurance premiums, given…

11 months ago

The newly elected secretary of the ND Political Committee committed himself to a party that will give equal opportunities to all

"I owe a very big thank you to all of you, the members of the Political Committee, who, from the…

1 year ago