The Generalitat will order the territorial confinement of Catalonia to stop the contagion of coronavirus

The Government will announce today a battery of measures against Covid that would also include the perimeter closure by municipalities on weekends


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The Generalitat will today approve the perimeter confinement of Catalonia among its new measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The Government, which meets this morning in an extraordinary Executive Council, will announce a series of restrictions with the aim of reducing the number of Covid cases in the community. According to Rac1, the Cabinet headed by Pere AragonÚs will also decree a territorial closure by municipalities during the weekends.

Following the meeting with the Technical Committee for Civil Protection (Procicat), the Catalan Government could decree the closure of gyms and the cancellation of cultural and sports activities, including training. Likewise, the closure to the public of bars and restaurants ordered two weeks ago would be extended. The package of rules would affect many other economic sectors, with the closure of shopping centers, except food stores or essential services. Businesses larger than 800 square meters should also lower their blinds.

In the educational field, the Generalitat has not considered closing schools and institutes, but it is not ruled out that starting from the third year of ESO, a model that combines face-to-face and distance classes is applied. Universities will continue to teach most subjects electronically. On the other hand, extracurricular activities would be suspended, with the exception of those that are organized with the so-called bubble groups within educational centers.

At the extraordinary meeting of the Government, it is also foreseen that aid will be agreed for the sectors most affected by the health, economic and social consequences of the pandemic.

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