The Government recognizes that direct investments place the Balearic Islands “clearly below the average” and the PP qualifies it as an “affront”


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 The Minister of Finance and Foreign Relations of the Government, Rosario Sánchez, has assured this Thursday that the direct investments for the autonomous communities foreseen in the preliminary draft of the General State Budgets they place the Balearic Islands “clearly below the average for the rest of the State”, with a total of 201.64 million euros.

However, regarding indirect investments, Sánchez has positively valued the 133 million euros that have been pre-allocated to the Islands from European funds because “they are clearly above the average for the Spanish State.” “In this part we consider that we are pointing in the right direction”, has pointed out.

For his part, the president of the PP, Biel Company, has described the draft General State Budget (PGE) as an “affront” that once again leaves the Balearic Islands “in the queue” in terms of investment only ahead of Navarra and the Canary Islands, with special regimes.

In a press conference, the popular leader lamented that the Islands, the territory “most punished” by Covid, will receive 175 euros per inhabitant, while the average stands at 285 euros.

According to the Company, if it weren’t for the projected investments in ports and airports, the investments would be only three million euros.

In addition, the president of the PP has regretted that the State accounts they continue to violate the special regime (REB). In this sense, Company has demanded that the President of the Government, Francina Armengol, raise her voice to Madrid on this issue and stop “lowering her head.”

Biel Company has regretted that Europe “treats better” the Balearic Islands than Pedro Sánchez, since its policies for the distribution of funds do take into account the regions most affected by the pandemic

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