Family anticipates Halloween and thus decorated their house with a ‘Stranger Things’ theme

Family anticipates Halloween and thus decorated their house with a ‘Stranger Things’ theme

It is no secret to anyone that stranger things It has won the hearts of millions, with loyal fans all over the world always looking to appreciate the series. Now that Halloween is approaching, it’s the right time to get inspired by this memorable Show of horror and fantasy.

Although there is very little left for Halloween, there are those who have already gone ahead with the decoration of their house and broke the Internet with their otherworldly creations. We are talking about the Appel family, originally from Illinois, United States, who brought their love for stranger things to the next level.


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Through your TikTok account @horrorpropsDave and Aubrey Appel shared what the front of their house looks like after decorating it with props of horror made by themselves, since they are dedicated to making all kinds of props for movies.

One of the reasons the decoration immediately went viral was because they recreated an unforgettable scene from the series, in which Max is lifted into the sky while fighting Vecna. So far, the Appels have not revealed how they managed to make the character float, because at first glance there is nothing to reveal the secret.


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There are so many people, so many ‘fans’ like us, so we wanted to recreate the most iconic scenes of the series. Probably something no one else would try.

The clip also attracted the attention of Netflix’s TikTok account, which did not hesitate to name them: “Without a doubt, the number one fans.” While the team behind the account of the Show of Jimmy Fallon commented that his creations are “stunning”.


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The perfection of the decorative elements left all Internet users with their mouths open so much that they did not hesitate to ask for help to create their own materials. The talented family quickly answered the prayers and they have already uploaded a video showing how to make, step by step, the vines that make their way throughout the house.

Also, based on David and Aubrey’s feedback, they’ll soon be showing the process of how they made Max, so you can stay tuned and have a blast at your Halloween party.

Source: Okchicas