AMC will accept payment at Shiba Inu

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AMC Cinema Chain CEO Adam Aron noted in a tweet that the company will partner with cryptocurrency payment processor BitPay to integrate payments into Shiba Inu. This partnership will enable online payments for movie tickets and concessions.

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#SHIBArmy Attention: Our Bitpay friends decided to support Shiba Inu precisely because I asked to help AMC accept Shiba Inu for online movie ticket payments. AMCTheatres will be the first bitpay customer to accept Shiba Inu. Terms of 60-120 days. It’s WOW!

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AMC previously announced that it would accept Dogecoin payments for up to $ 200 a day of gift cards, and with the addition of SHIB, the AMC team caters to both competing communities.

The CEO of AMC Theater is more than open about his interest in researching and implementing decentralized products in the company’s day-to-day operations. Moreover, Aron even wrote that the company could launch its own cryptocurrency.

Along with this, AMC is in talks with several Hollywood studios on a collaboration on non-fungible tokens (NFT).

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