Ask The Doctor buys Shiba Inu tokens for $ 1.5 million

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The Canadian medical company Ask The Doctor added $ 1.5 million to its balance sheet Shiba Inu, according to the company’s Twitter account.

This major purchase took place on the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange, where Shiba Inu began trading this Tuesday.

The health information website will also begin accepting the meme cryptocurrency with its health partners over the next three days.

It is noteworthy that already now the company accepts Dogecoin for certain services in the USA and Canada.

The Toronto-based company was founded in 2010 and allows clients to communicate with healthcare professionals via text messages or streaming. Its co-founders include former NBA player Israel Idonie and former NBA star Dikembe Mutombo.

In 2016, Ask The Doctor began accepting payments in bitcoins, becoming the first healthcare company in the world to accept cryptocurrency.

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