Brazilian companies should invest US$ 504 million in AI in 2022, says survey

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Brazilian companies are expected to invest US$504 million (about R$2.61 billion) in artificial intelligence in 2022, an increase of 28% over the previous year. That’s what an estimate from technology consultancy IDC shows.

The data indicate that artificial intelligence is increasingly present in business, especially through the use of algorithms .

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It is from them – and from the crossing of an infinity of data – that the largest online retailers and streaming platforms in the world are able, for example, to recommend personalized and specific products and content for each of their millions of customers, every days.

As stated by the technology analyst at CNN Brazil Rita Wu, “80% of what people consume on Netflix today comes from recommendations from the platform, which has managed to improve artificial intelligence algorithms to a very advanced stage over the years”.


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According to Mônica Szwarcwald, partner in digital practices at McKinsey consultancy, there are numerous ways in which a company can use artificial intelligence, and the guarantee that it will bring results depends on a few factors.

“If you don’t have the business area nearby, wanting to make it happen, together with the technology area, together with the data scientists, it won’t work”, explains Szwarcwald.

“Companies that are successful with artificial intelligence invest in training not just the team, but everyone else that is needed in a given use case.”

When applied correctly, this implementation can increase the company’s revenue by 4.5 times, says the expert.

Virtual attendants dominate retail

Industries seek to use artificial intelligence to reduce costs, optimizing production processes through technology, according to information gathered by the CNN Soft Business .

On the other hand, consumer-facing companies have been applying artificial intelligence to increase their revenues. In this sense, virtual assistants have been an important arm in customer service.

According to a survey by consultancy Ilumeo, the use of virtual assistants in Brazil increased by 47% during the pandemic. Lu, from Magazine Luiza, CB, from Casas Bahia, and Vivi, from Vivo, are just a few examples of artificial intelligences that have been vital for business.

According to the lead sales executive of artificial intelligence at IBM, Fabio Mucci, serving consumers with technology can go far beyond second-way orders for a ticket or monitoring the delivery of a product.

“When analyzing customer behavior on calls, for example, we have the case of a customer who uses artificial intelligence at a large car dealership. And in these customer service interactions, when the customer says the words ‘financing’, ’60 months’ or ’48 months’, a demand for credit analysis is automatically generated for that customer’s bank”, says Mucci.

“At the end of the conversation, the company already has the credit possibilities in hand, with several analyses. So, I think this is the great insight: using artificial intelligence to create new business, with an interaction with customers that brings results beyond the automated responses we are already used to.”

The episode about artificial intelligence of the CNN Soft Business which airs on Sunday (21), deepens discussions on the humanization trend of artificial intelligence, interviewing the humanoid robot Sophia from Hong Kong, China.

The program goes on air every Sunday at 11:15 pm. You can check it out on TV and also on YouTube.

Source: CNN Brasil

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